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Compassion Fatigue - Practices for Work and Home

In this critically important, but highly stress-filled field, skills to sustain one’s personal resilience and prevent the burnout that constant stress, and particularly toxic stress, can cause, are critical. Not only to maintain personal and career satisfaction, clear thinking, and heart-felt connections, but also to sustain one’s health and a sense of humor, on the job and as well as at home.

In this training, you will learn many ways to reduce vicarious trauma and stress. Learn what constitutes good ‘trauma stewardship’. Gain skills to release accumulated stress that is negatively impacting your attitude, energy and your health. Find out which situations especially evoke your suffering and/or a stress reaction and how to work with them immediately and successfully. Learn how to both honor the grief, and maintain your sense of humor and your personal world view that supports your good work when it is toughest. Sleep longer and more soundly.
Reenergize your body and refuel your mind. Find your inner place of calm, practice mindfulness and self-compassion techniques 

We will come to understand, apply and / or practice: 

  • How exposure to trauma and constant stress affects the brain, emotions, the ability to take in information, make decisions as well as your personal and professional relationships
  • Assess your personal stress levels and your unique stress indicators 
  • Develop a ‘self-care self-worth’ mindset, give these time and significance
  • Appreciate the important connections between play, hobby-time and stress release
  • Use your stress to strengthen your resilience and/or build your reserves
  • Connect meaningfully with your colleagues, family and loved ones
  • Set healthy boundaries and say ‘no’ 
  • Not personalize others’ behaviors
  • Deal with tough moments well & then let them go, and ID when you can’t.
  • Recognize the signs that you need to ‘debrief’ and learn how to, in healthy ways
  • Finally, put it all together - identify the strategies that will fit for you and develop a personal plan to incorporate them into your daily and weekly schedule