Reducing Stress & Preventing Burnout Webinar

Do you feel out of sorts at work, but you’re not quite sure why? At 2:00 are you watching the clock for when you can go home?

If the answer is yes, then this 70 minute on-demand webinar ‘Reducing Stress & Preventing Burnout - Evidence-Based Practices That Work’ will fit your needs. A fully developed training course. it includes both an unlocked version and a SCORM compliant copy with a 7-question quiz along with a workbook. Our “plug and play” content fits any organization, providing information that is ready-to-use now. To view this course you will need to host files online or within an LMS.

In the webinar Robin tackles the important subject of stress in your life: what it is, how it impacts your physical and mental health as well as your work and relationships. You will learn how to reduce it, manage it and increase your resistance to it and as well as build your personal reserves. Get key skills to sustain yourself year around. Learn to stop a stress reaction in seconds, regardless of what is going on around you. Gain skills to release accumulated stress that is negatively impacting your attitude and your health. Learn how self-care benefits you at all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). Learn how to leave work at work, home at home, and how to debrief, change your ‘state’ and more.


You will learn to:

•           Recognize the physical, mental, and emotional indicators of both positive and negative stress

•           Assess your personal stress levels and your unique stress indicators

•           Relax the tension in your body immediately

•           Identify what self-care practices increase your ‘stress resilience’ and prevent burnout

•           Appreciate the connections between play, hobby-time and workplace adaptability

•           Re energize your body and refuel your mind

The webinar pricing is based on the size of your organization and the audience that you will make it available to .

Below are the size and price categories. This is a one-time fee for use within your organization.  

•             Audience of 0 - 50: $1,200

•            Audience of 50 - 200: $1800

•             Audience of 200 - 1000: $2,500

•             Audience of 1000+: $3000

 Interested in purchasing this for your team or work site? If yes, please contact to get started.