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Business Training


Conflict Management

This training is designed for individuals and teams dealing with conflict and uncomfortable situations. Proactively, it is valuable for teams or family members who want to learn skills to effectively navigate potentially conflictual situations. People often confuse anger management and conflict management. This workshop helps you distinguish the difference. Learn to recognize and manage anger. Develop practical skills for clarifying your thinking and communicating effectively in tense situations with self-control, diplomacy and tact. Learn to identify needs, interests and positions. Create win/win outcomes.

Participants report an increase in their ability to manage their anger and strong emotions appropriately, and resolve conflicts and uncomfortable difference calmly and productively, both at home and at work.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-control

  • Improve your ability to manage and express feelings constructively

  • Decrease defensive and destructive communication patterns

  • Maintain your personal best at all times, even during high stress moments