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Manage Your Stress, Prevent Burnout & Understanding Compassion Fatigue

A workshop designed for those that work in high stress settings or with highly stressed clients. It will provide evidenced-based insights, strategies and tools to reduce stress, prevent burnout and understand and diminish compassion fatigue. Learn the difference between stress, burnout and compassion fatigue and how to address each effectively. Access your own stress levels. Gain skills to release accumulated toxic stress and other precursors that can foster burnout as well as compassion fatigue. Learn how you can work with your stress immediately and effectively. Find out which situations trigger your increased distress, what to do when you recognize this. Hundreds of participants report experience immediate shifts in their wellbeing and noticeable benefits within the session, and for years afterwards. We will come to understand, apply and / or practice:

  • How exposure constant stress affects the brain, emotions, the ability to take in information, and your personal and professional relationships
  • Assess your personal stress levels and your unique stress indicators
  • Learn what burnout is and how to prevent it
  • Develop a ‘self-care self-worth’ mindset, necessary to give these time and significance
  • Learn about and practice mindfulness and self-compassion techniques
  • Appreciate the important connections between play, hobby-time and stress release
  • Use your stress to strengthen your resilience and/or build your reserves
  • How to connect meaningfully with your colleagues, family and loved ones
  • Learn to QTIP and its benefits- Not personalize others’ behaviors
  • Deal with tough moments well & then let them go. ID when you can’t.