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Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout –
Evidence-Based Practices That Work

This practical and fun workshop teaches immediately useful techniques that help you relax, improve your health and cope with your busy life.

The top indicators of stress include worry, anxiety, feelings of rage, depression, tension or migraine headaches, jaw, neck and lower back pain, digestive problems and interrupted sleep. Sound familiar? Research shows these experiences have become more common then ever! Learn to turn these responses around.

Participants gain an understanding of what stress is, its impact on thinking and health, and how to immediately reduce stress levels. Each person will learn multiple ways to assess their own stress level, as well as relaxation techniques that can be used at work and at home. Design a personal action plan to achieve greater health, energy and resilience.

  • Recognize the physical, mental, and emotional
  • indicators of both positive and negative stress
  • Assess your personal stress levels, and stress indicators
  • Learn multiple ways to stop the stress cycle and activate a relaxation response at work & home
  • Identify what self-care practices increase resilience and prevent burnout
  • Appreciate the connections between play, hobbytime and workplace adaptability