Deepen Your Joy, Health & Passion

Come away to calm and restorative beauty. Separate from your routine. Experience 5 days of life changing ideas and insights, gain skills and motivation, in a unique tropical setting. Unwind, see your life from a new point of view, all while making life-enhancing shifts.

Join Robin Rose in Punta Mita, Mexico for a personal retreat


Monday, October 24 through Friday, October 28, 2016


Day 1 – Quiet Your Mind

9AM – 1 PM
Learn to come out of defense, hurry, worry and judgement, all states that hijack your brain. When these occur, we have lost our focus, intention and movement in the direction of our purpose and passion. We spend large amounts of time and energy but get less fulfillment and accomplishment.
On our first day Robin tackles the important subject of stress in your life: what it is, how it impacts your physical and mental health as well as your work and your relationships. Learn how to embrace it (we only stress about what we care about) reduce it, manage it and increase your resilience through it. Get key skills to sustain yourself year round.
The following is a list of physical, mental and emotional reactions that occur when people are too stressed. Which of these look familiar to you? Have any more than 2 – 5 times a month?

  • Frequent headaches or upset stomach?
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?
  • You’re sicker than you used to be?
  • Wake up tired or feeling slow?
  • Inability to think clearly?
  • You’re grumbling, not whistling, on your way to work?
  • Feel upset often with your family or coworkers?
  • Your teamwork is suffering?
  • Find yourself complaining more than laughing?
  • Feel anxious, overwhelmed, resentful or angry often?
  • Too tired or angry to enjoy yourself when you finally have the time to?

Robin will teach techniques to stop and slow the biological downshift into unhealthy stress mode, along with research-driven practices that increase the clarity of your thinking as well as your resistance to stress and burnout. These techniques can be used at work and at home.

Day 2 – What’s Your Story?

9AM – 1 PM
Your thoughts define you. They shape your entire life, past, present and future. They instruct your brain to move in THAT direction. What you think about, you bring about. The most important ability you possess is the ability to focus your mind, thoughts, stories and words in the direction you desire. 98% of most people’s thoughts are fear-based or negative (worry, complaining, gossiping, scarcity) and these thoughts both change the chemistry in your brain as well as what gets attention and motivates behaviours in your life. Most of us
carry an inner voice that is critical, yet effective in sabotaging our movement forward, and shapes our lives more then we know.
On Day 2 we will look at YOUR story and how it shapes you today and your vision of your future. You will understand how your thoughts change your chemistry and allow or disallow accurate perception, insight and your success. You will understand how your stories create your feelings, attitdes and moods, and how to rapidly change these. The goal : a inner story that matches the outcomes, happiness, health and success that you desire!

Day 3 – Define Yourself! Get on Your Path, Stay on Your Path, Do it with Passion!

9AM – 1 PM
Feel your feelings, but act from your values. Our lives are busy and full of demands. All too often we get pulled off of our sense of purpose, passion and alignment because of demands, business and stress occuring around us. Day 3 is about clarifying what is on the top of your life list and how to engage with those impostant items daily, no matter what, at work and at home.
Does this ever happen to you? You promise yourself that you will start a new healthy habit or kinder communication style. Then, when it gets challenging or just plain inconvenient, you don’t follw-through, instead you eat that unhealthy food, or have that argument that brings pain but no meaningful understanding and connection. On day three you will learn WHY your brain gets hyjacked (what core need is unmet and wins everytime) and you act in ways you think you do not want to, and, most importantly, how to work with and change this, so that you can follow-through and act upon what is important and life enhancing to you.
What’s important to you? What is necessary for your fulfillment, meaning, joy, health and well-being? What does that actually look like in your life? How would you like it to look? How do you build in essential pieces in your daily life. Learn to stop the hyjack that deters you from achieving outcomes you really want.
A powerful understanding will happen for you on Day 3 – you will gain an insight and learn a tool you will use the rest of you life. Empowering and freeing!

Day 4 – Exceptional Health - Self-Care, Self-Compassion& Forgivess

9AM – 1 PM
Health cannot exist in the body or mind if your one core need is not met. Day 4 will take everything you have learned and now focus upon and applying it to your health. What is needed for your system to experience consistent vitality, energy and stamina? Understand the relationship between forgiveness, self-compassion and optimal health. Identify what needs greater balance within you for your health. Design a plan, internal and external, to support these new steps forward.
Are you helping others at work? Do you experience constant tiredness, feelings of burnout or compassion fatigue? Learn which 6 key habits alter the structure of the brain and prevent burnout. Identify simple ways you can build the right amount of them, for you, into your life. Go deep, embrace the self-sabotage tendencies that keep you stuck, unhealthy and unhappy. Use the skills of self-compassion, forgiveness and internal unstoppable support to get going forward on a whole new path of joy, energy and health!

Day 5 – Understand How Your Brain Organizes – then Organize Your New Plan!

9AM – 1 PM
On day 5 we will put it all together. What’s important? And what comes first?. We will start the morning with a Gregorc Adult Style Delineator (a favorite and empowering assessment tool) that will help you see what you need to stay on track with your plan and accomlish your goals. Then, once we know your ‘style’ we will put together plans that incorporate the learning, desires, actions and behavious from the entire week!
Meet individually with Robin to discuss your goals and plan. Once in Punta Mita, then again when you return home (via Skype or phone).

Enjoy Fresh Food

Awake early and ready for coffee? You have a fully stocked kitchen for your own coffee, tea or morning beverage.

At 8AM join the group for a delicious, fresh Mexican breakfast, prepared for us each morning in our retreat suite by a skilled local chef.

Dinner? So many options, so much fabulous food! And an exceptional sunset!

The entire group will meet for an elegant dinner on the beach Monday and Friday nights of the workshop week. Enjoying the sunset, outstanding meals and each other. For the other nights people will have the option to eat in groups or alone, we will provide you with a list of great places to eat, from small local restaurants, to fine dining at water’s edge, all within a 3 – 10 minute walk.

Stroll Along the Beautiful Beaches

Punta Mita is blessed with one of the most pleasant climates in the world. Sharing the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Punta Mita is kept comfortable year round by gentle sea breezes with average summer temperatures around 85° and average winter temperatures at 75° respectively.

A unique chance to take a step back, unwind, see your strengths and challenges from a quiet and resourceful perspective. Understand what motivates you and what delays you. Learn life-transforming skills and insights that will be useful every day of your life. This setting will deepen your experience and accelerate your learning, get far more and deeper results then you normally would obtain in a local or daily setting.


Unique Experiences Await

Punta Mita is a lively village with quaint shops and restaurants. There is also a nature preserve just a short boat ride away.

Spend a day shopping in the village, at the beach, by the pool, or enjoy one of these and many other activities:

  • Surf Lessons
  • Scuba Diving
  • Whale Watching
  • Swimming with the Dolphins
  • Marine Safaris
  • Kayaking
  • Massage
  • Fishing
  • Paddle Boarding

5 Days to a Better You

Connect with yourself. Go deeper, align with your values, and consistently move in the direction of your strengths, purpose and passions. Identify, learn from, and remove your barriers. Experience a level of authentic relationship with yourself like never before. Reap so many benefits: new levels of clarity & personal satisfaction, expanded health and energy, and more rewarding connections with the important people in your life, personally and professionally.

Robin has designed these five days to equip you with insights, skills and the desire to bring greater joy, health and fulfillment to your personal life and relationships. This workshop will deepen and strengthen your relationship with yourself. You will boost and strengthen your confidence and passion for your life. You will learn to connect more authentically to yourself and those important to you. Plus, relax, reflect, play and explore.

At 9AM and until– 1PM you will participate in Robin’s custom 5 day retreat (see the description of each day, below). You will meet outdoors on the massive veranda, or indoors on comfy couches. Prepare for comfort, insights, personal ah-has, and new skills, and, of course, breaks that include fresh fruits, an assortment of nuts and yogurts and beverages (requests welcomed).

Retreat Package

only$3699*including training sessions

*Cost includes:

– 5 days of a small, highly personalized retreat with Robin Rose

– 30 minute individual coaching during the retreat week

– 60 minute follow-up individual coaching with Robin after your return home 

– Breakfast each day

– Dinner with group on Monday evening and again on Friday evening

– Transfer to and from airport

– Lodging, double occupancy, each person will have their own bedroom and bath, and share a living room/kitchen/patio with one other attendee

– Airfare not included

Don’t get left behind. Hold your spot now with a $500 deposit.

A registration packet will be sent to you after your deposit is paid.

Cancellation Policy

You have exactly 30 days to cancel payment for the retreat from your day of purchase or the date of travel whichever is first. After this time the Operator has no obligation to refund your monies. Cancellation can be done by emailing

Excited but want more information before you register?

Click the link below to download the entire flyer and see how Robin’s retreat will help you transform from the inside out!