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Personal Isn’t Professional (All Staff)

This session focuses on numerous areas of professional maturity — what it is and what it looks like — how to speak, listen, and engage professionally. Learn to distinguish between personal needs and professional commitments, and meet each appropriately.

As many workforces develop a relaxed and casual atmosphere, there can be confusion between meeting personal needs and following through with professional commitments. It is not uncommon for co-workers to get caught up in one another’s personal life dramas. Or they get tangled in the emotional dynamics more often associated with families. The net result is professional tension within teams and working relationships. Team success and organizational goals are put on the back burner, consciously or unconsciously.

  • Identify and separate personal needs/reactions from professional responses
  • Identify their own boundaries and use new awareness and tools to assess appropriate focus and behaviors on the job
  • Determine which conversations are appropriate at work and which are not, and develop comfort and ability in shifting the focus to maintain appropriate professionalism