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Your Best Self: Staying Resilient and Focused Under Pressure

Designed for professionals who work with stressed clients or in stressful work environments, this dynamic workshop helps people understand what happens to their thinking and professionalism when they are under pressure, and provides practical tips and techniques they can start using immediately to transform dramatic emotional reactions into healthy, professional responses.

This core workshop brings you the latest research on high-function brain states along with practical tips and techniques that allow you to shift your brain’s process in the heat of the moment. Learn how to think clearly under pressure and how to manage emotional reactions.

A recommended beginning point for all audiences. Participants consistently report that they emerge from this workshop with significant shifts in their ability to handle stressful scenarios well.

  • Learn how the brain works

  • Understand the chemistry and dynamics of ‘triggered’ emotions

  • Practice accessing the rational/thinking brain

  • Improve communication, listening, and questioning skills

  • Enhance collaboration and negotiation skills

  • Engage differences openly and optimistically, staying focused on solutions

  • Understand the relationship between the brain, thinking and high pressure

  • Learn how high brain funtion is negatively impacted by stress, hurry or worry

  • Learn to reduce stress and tension in your body