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Work Styles: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself — and Others

This session focuses on work styles — your own and others — based on the Gregorc Adult Style Delineator, a simple self-assessment model. Develop insights and strategies to relate with greater ease and flexibility, allowing and adjusting for differences.

Understand yourself and others at a whole new level. Learn why you organize, relate and respond the way you do, why others engage the way they do, and how to work most effectively with different personalities and work styles. Emerge with practical Tips & Tools for working with others who may have very different styles.

Participants report significant decrease in team tension and an increase in team collaboration as a result of attending this class. This training is a must for anyone in management and is particularly helpful when entire teams take it together.

  • Understand your own work style strengths in order to capitalize on them
  • Learn which of your work tendencies can challenge others and how to stretch your style 
  •  Work with and support others in ways that are effective for them
  • Understand and support leaders in communicating, managing and supervising more effectively
  • Bring out hidden strengths, talents, and contributions unique to each team member’s work style