2015 Year End Thank You

Thank you for all you brought us this year; your humor, your insights, your participation, feedback and recommendations, sharing your humanity, being so awesome to work with, and for all the other ways you enriched our lives and left us feeling blessed and grateful this past year!

As you get ready to enter a new year, here are some reminders to help you stay calm and confident and in your best mode:

Begin simply. Play with your breathing. Before you get out of bed in the morning, take five deep, slow belly breaths. Notice your breathing as you shower, when you make breakfast, and when you are thinking about that you need to get done today. Your breathing style alters the chemistry of your brain.

Allow your body to tell you when you more oxygen. If you notice a headache developing, tension in your stomach, or a kink in your neck, these are signals from your body that your muscles are starving for oxygen. The cure is simple:breathe (and notice the story you are telling yourself)...

Notice and celebrate your accomplishments. You do good, you are good, you make a difference. Begin to notice in the many varied ways you do this.

Add some water to the mix!

For 15 minutes each day, do something you enjoy. 


We wish you such joy, delight, health and fulfillment in this New Year!  

Robin & Christina


Robin Rose