Check in with your feelings, tell yourself the truth

Check In With Your Feelings, Tell Yourself the Truth - A 30 second check-in daily produces big benefits

What you say to yourself about yourself matters. When we tell ourselves the truth, we 'match', or are congruent. This allows the body/mind to come out of defense, reduces stress and allows greater blood flow throughout the brain.

How can you use this to your advantage (better health, clearer thinking, more energy)? One strategy is to take stock at the end of each day, particularly on hurried, stressful or 'tough' days. Before sleep, take just 30 seconds and review your day, focusing on the different uncomfortable or strong feelings that you experienced that day, however briefly. Take a moment and name each of them, maybe irritated, angry, upset, overwhelmed, grateful, relieved, etc.

Why do this? Often we are so busy during our day, that, when we experience a strong feeling, maybe resentment, anger, overwhelm or anxiety, instead of taking a moment to acknowledge the feeling, we tuck it inside and go on to our next demand. Well, feelings buried alive never die, they stay inside and resurface as resentment, rage, cynicism, anxiety, depression and physical illness (remember the time someone yelled at you and later that day you developed a headache or stomach ache?). When we take as little as 30 seconds at the end of the day and acknowledge these feelings, we alter the blood flow in our higher region of the brain (the left pre-frontal cortex), we come out of defense, and increase the flow of soothing hormones. We switch from defense into growth physiology.

StayWell - and try it tonight! 



Robin Rose