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Business Training


The Physiology of Leadership & Team Success

This training converts a broad range of brain-based research into practical information, designed specifically for leaders. It is an advanced course offering insights and tools not found anywhere else.

Leadership is pivotal to the success of organizations, large and small. At every level, advances in leadership produce greater satisfaction and improved outcomes. Research suggests that Ii as little as 1/20th of a second, staff read their manager’s non-verbal language and formulate a response — either resilient or resistant. Which do you inspire?

Participants report greater appreciation of their role as leaders, improved ability to manage themselves, and increased success in leading their teams.

  • Identify and deepen your leadership strengths
  • Embrace, expand and embody your influence as a leader
  • Improve your ability to think clearly and respond well consistently under pressure
  • Enhance staff resilience and effectiveness
  • Develop new skills to handle your most challenging staff and situations with grace and clarity
  • Review five fundamental guidelines that foster successful teaming
  • Incorporate ongoing strategies to use with your staff throughout the year to help them stay focused, collaborative and resilient