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Staff Development Training / Leadership Development

Working With Difficult People and Challenging Behaviors

This session is designed for leaders, managers and those that coach or supervise others. Learn how to work with those personalities and/or behaviors that are challenging for you. Understand how you contribute to the conflict, and how you can alter the dynamics with your response.

Learn how to stay authentically professional and effective, regardless of the situation. Learn to de-escalate tense interactions and situations, and refocus on productive workplace outcomes. Shift from blame to understanding. Lead for optimal outcomes, regardless of who is on your team. Practice being clear and calm, even when others may not be.

Participants report noticeable transformations in workplace relationships; previously adversarial positions shift toward more collaborative and professional partnerships.

  • Create significant changes in working relationships — move from an adversarial role to getting along, understanding and appreciating one another
  • Reduce tensions in the workplace
  • Increase your own personal comfort zone in the workplace
  • Learn how to identify personality traits and behaviors that
    challenge you
  • Practice not personalizing others’ behaviors
  • Recognize when the office conversation is creating a draining
  • Learn how to let tough moments at work go, and head home
    without the baggage