Customer Service – Within Your Teams and With Your Clients

In this training Robin gets to the heart of what outstanding customer service is, and how everyone can immediately provide this, with internal customers as well as external. Using two simple but profound understandings, learn how to assess what your client needs to feel heard and well served, while feeling competent, confident and successful yourself. Identify your current strengths in each of the five areas of first-class customer service, and decide which new skills to add or brush up on. And for those times when situations get tense, learn how to communicate with calm, clarity and credibility.

  • Become an exceptional listener
  • Learn to develop rapport rapidly
  • Identify your customer’s real need
  • Problem solve: give as much as you can, but not more
  • Deal with tough moments well

Generations in the Workplace – Who Are We?

As of 2014 for the first time in history there are five generations in the workforce. There has never been a more diverse group of people that come from such vastly different values, educations, and economic and social backgrounds.

Millennials currently represent 27% of the workforce and by 2020 that number is expected to be as high as 49%. As Baby Boomers ponder retirement, the Mature Generation wonders how much longer they can work, Millennials learn to adapt to their leadership roles and Generation Z is just learning what it means to enter the workforce. There are many opportunities for developing a healthy understanding of our beliefs from being raised in different eras and how these beliefs are communicated and honored in fairness to all.

  • Characteristics versus stereotypes of each generation on the job
  • Discuss the different values of each generations’approach in life & work
  • Institutional knowledge transfer and its effect on an organization
  • How to use these skills in recruiting and retaining millennials

Your Best During Conflict

This training teaches individuals and teams how to respond tactfully and maintain optimal performance during conflict. Learn how to feel strong emotions without letting them direct your behavior. Develop skills to calm yourself down after an upset or broadside moment. Learn to navigate conflict with self-control, diplomacy and tact.

Participants report an increase in their ability to manage their anger and strong emotions appropriately, and to resolve conflicts calmly and productively- both at work and at home.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-control
  • Improve your ability to express and manage feelings appropriately
  • Decrease defensive and destructive communication patterns
  • Learn to focus on solving the issue at hand or resolving the uncomfortable difference
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback as well as making requests for change

Working with Difficult People and Challenging Behaviors

At times we all work with people who have personalities or behaviors we find annoying or challenging. This workshop focuses on you and the intra-personal and inter-personal skills that will help you do good work and move forward regardless of others’ quirks or troublesome behaviors. If your goal is to collaborate, you will learn skills to create significant changes in your working relationships. If your goal is to get your own job done and not feel irritated or drained by others, you will learn the skills needed to keep from personalizing others’ behaviors and stay professional and focused on your work goals. We will also look at ways to let go after challenging interactions and how to support a work environment where the focus is moving forward instead of drama and upsets about a challenging moment with a client. Not for the faint of personal accountability, this session will challenge and empower you from the inside out!

  • Learn how to identify specific personality traits and behaviors that challenge you, and recognize your own reaction to the behavior
  • Practice not personalizing others’ behaviors while staying professional and focused on your goals
  • Create significant changes in working relationships - move from an adversarial role to getting along
  • Finally, learn how to let tough moments at work go, and head home without the baggage of a tough moment or tough day!

Professional Composure: Clear and Calm Under Pressure

This dynamic workshop helps people understand what happens to their thinking, health and professionalism when they are under pressure. Robin provides practical understanding and skills you can use to immediately transform dramatic and sometimes emotional reactions into focused, professional responses. Learn the latest research re: high-function brain states along with simple and practical tips and techniques that allow you to shift your brain’s process in the heat of the moment. Learn how to think clearly under pressure, manage high stress moments and then disengage. Learn to stay professional, even when when it feels personal.

  • Understand the chemistry and dynamics of ‘triggered’ emotions
  • Practice accessing your rational brain and responding calmly and thoughtfully
  • Learn to respond from professional values rather than emotions
  • Identify and separate personal needs from professional commitments
  • Shift yourself and others from being reactive to proactive

Managing Challenging Change

Change is the most dynamic force in the world, and stress can be an inevitable companion. Our ability to adapt personally and professionally determines the quality, level of innovation, satisfaction and well-being of our lives. Dealing with ongoing change takes a subtle toll on our long-range focus, daily effectiveness and overall satisfaction. Whether the change involves innovation, integrating new schedules, or approaching challenges in a new way, there are common responses that support or disrupt teamwork, customer service and effectiveness. Learn how to individually and collectively move through change with greater ease, using tools that effectively reduce individual stress and team tension.

  • Understand the normal & often chaotic process of change
  • Prepare for change – know what surprises to expect
  • Understand why change can be draining, and why it doesn’t have to be
  • Develop an awareness of which sabotage behaviors frequently occur in teams & how toreduce or avoid them

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We are living in very exciting times: around the globe and in businesses, schools, and homes people are becoming more mindful. How we live, what we eat, how we lead, etc., etc., are all ways we are opening to doing things differently to get different, more joyful and productive results. Harvard Business Review has stated that meditation and mindfulness is a “must have” for business leaders today, and the CEO for Aetna Insurance has increased productivity in his corporation over 7% since offering mindfulness training to managers and staff.

  • Understand what mindfulness is and is not!
  • Practice some skills to get a taste of the benefits of mindfulness
  • Learn other complementary actions that will enhance and deepen your joy in mindfulness practice
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Leave with a personal plan for mindfulness that suits you