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Your Best During Conflict

Do you get snippy or impatient when people frustrate you? If you’re blamed for something, do you lash out and say things you regret? Do you hold grudges and then treat people differently? Do you lose sleep after you have had a disagreement with someone?

Your Best During Conflict teaches individuals and teams how to respond tactfully and maintain optimal performance in the heat of the moment. Lean how to feel strong emotions without letting them direct your behavior. Develop skills to calm yourself down after an upset or broadside moment. Learn to effectively navigate potentially conflictual situations.

People often confuse anger management with conflict management. This workshop helps you distinguish the difference and deal with both Develop practical skills for dealing effectively in tense situations. Learn to identify needs, interests, and positions. Navigate with self-control, diplomacy and tact. Create Win/Win outcomes.

This training is designed for individuals and teams dealing with issues that are getting in the way of optimal performance and best outcomes. It is also valuable for those who want to learn skills to effectively navigate potentially conflictual situations.

Participants report an increase in their ability to manage their anger and strong emotions appropriately, and to resolve conflicts calmly and productively- both at work and at home.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-control
  • Improve your ability to express and manage feelings appropriately
  • Decrease defensive and destructive communication patterns
  • Learn to focus on solving the issue at hand
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback and requests for change